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I’m Michael Durian and I provide hardware and software engineering services with an emphasis on small, microcontroller-based, embedded designs. Small does not mean lacking in capabiities. Small systems can do quite a lot, it just takes more skill to work within the constraints not found with larger systems. With over 25 years experience with embedded systems, I am familiar with addressing common issues:

If you have a product that needs a refresh or an idea that you’re not sure how to realize, I might be able to help. Contact me and we can discuss options.

I have over 10 years experience with CAN (Controller Area Network) communication, both for automative and industrial applications. This includes reverse engineering manufacturer specific protocols and developing in-house protocols tailored to the specific needs of a distributed system.

I have experience with safety-critical devices. With one client, I designed and implemented the software and electronics for a closed-circuit rebreather product used by both consumer and military customers.

As mentioned above, small embedded systems don’t often have a lot of resources like RAM or flash memory, precluding large operating systems. Even dynamic memory allocation is a luxury, especially in safety-critical systems where memory allocation failure due to fragmentation is not an option. I have experience running devices on “bare metal,” without an operating system, as well as using Micrium’s uC/OS-II when there is slightly more elbow room (such as when using ARM Cortex-M series devices).

It is common today for even small embedded systems to have internet access. They might have their own integrated web server to aid in configuration or perhaps they need to contact a remote server to get instructions, upload logs or download firmware updates. I have designed systems, including the server-side parts, for all these things.

Every system has its own requirements. I have made systems with a range of integrated peripherals such as:

I addition to hardware design, I can assist with manufacturing. Sometimes, if you only need a few, simple boards, they can be hand built in-house. Other times, it makes sense to farm out manufacturing. I have worked with many different PCB manufacturers and assembly houses both locally and over-seas and know how to work with them to get the products made.

Though not necessarily related to embedded systems, I have experiece with voice-driven user interfaces. Projects where hands-free use is encouraged (when driving a car, for example) or where the user is remote from the system (over the phone).

My experience with CAN bus vehicle protocols also lends itself to analysing vehicle crash data reports (CDRs). If you are representing a plaintiff who has been in a car accident and you need assistance sorting out the crash data log, contact me.

About Me

I’m working on a new project. A guitar effects pedal that generates light effects on a LED strip in response to the audio signal. You can learn more and see demos at astrapedal.com.

In my free time I enjoy making things. Sometimes they are embedded systems for my own projects, but I’ve also enjoyed making HiFi speakers, HiFi tube amps, guitar and bass amps and even a purple, paisley, fretless bass guitar.

You might be wondering about the domain boogie.com. Back in the early 90’s before it was easy to get domain names, I knew the right people who knew how to fill out and submit the proper forms. I selected boogie.com when given the opportunity. The domain has been with me ever since.

I’m located in Boulder, CO.